Blood Lust: Sick trophy hunters let children as young as FOUR slaughter endangered animals in warped ‘kids go free’ safari deals

Mar 8, 2020 | News

By Robert Mann, The Sun

BLOODTHIRSTY parents are forking out thousands of dollars so their children can slaughter exotic animals — with safari bosses boasting that children under 10 can “go free”.

One shocking picture shows a bloodstained schoolboy grinning as he stands over the antelope he slaughtered just moments before with a military-grade sniper rifle.

An investigation by the Daily Star revealed that he was among dozens of kids taken on “family friendly” hunting trips to the African subcontinent – with trophy hunting firms offering bespoke deals for youngsters in a desperate bid to “inspire the next generation of hunters”.

In a desperate bid to get youngsters behind the barrel of a gun, tour operators throw in free taxidermy so the majestic animals can be mounted on kids’ bedroom walls.

Several of the firms rake in hundreds of thousands by giving punters the chance to kill elephants, lions, leopards and rhinos.O thers offer to hire professional videographers to film first kills in HD, or offer huge first-time discounts.

In harrowing circumstances, the endangered beasts are slaughtered with rifles and crossbows before their corpses are harvested for trophy mounts.

Comedian and animal campaigner Ricky Gervais led condemnation of the brutal trade and blasted the Daily Star’s “depressing” findings.

“I don’t see sport here — I see abuse,” he raged. “There are studies that show the link between the effects of violence on animals and the legacy it imposes on children — serial killers start with animals.

“Why would any parent take these pointless risks with the psychological wellbeing of their children?

“Kids will do anything to gain approval and respect from their role models — even killing a beautiful wild animal for fun.”

South Africa’s Cheetah Safaris helped a four-year-old to shoot a Kudu from point-blank range. Sickening pictures posted on Instagram reveal that his eyebrow was split open by the scope’s recoil.

The caption read: “Gerhard became a real hunter and shot his first kudu today at four-years-old!”

Founder Pieter Bothma also runs a firm with a combination deal where millionaires can slaughter an elephant, a lion, a white rhino, and a cape buffalo on the same trip. The sick offer is so exclusive that the full price is only available on request.

South African hunter Carl van Zyl – who offers millionaires the chance to shoot elephants, lions and white rhinos – offers to cover the fee of any U18 who wants to kill.

Texan surgeon Toby Risko booked a “spring break” hunting trip through the company for his family of four last year. Shockingly, he paid extra for a “state of the art” production company to film his nine-year-old twins slaughtering gazelle and zebra.

Got The Shot productions claim their “broadcast quality” package will ensure each hunt is “immortalised for generations.”

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