Mozambique: Five detained in Tete in possession of 11 elephant tusks

May 5, 2021 | News

By The Club of Mozambique

Five Mozambican citizens were detained by the National Criminal Investigation Service (SERNIC) in Tete city and Chitima, a village in Cahora-Bassa district, on Monday, having being found in possession of 11 elephant tusks, lions’ teeth, a leopard skin and a pangolin skeleton.

SERNIC spokesperson Celina Roque told Noticias that the gang was caught by National Administration of Conservation Areas [ANAC] rangers, who heard about a group of individuals trying to sell wild animal trophies.

“After the complaint, SERNIC took to the field, and ended up catching the five individuals red-handed in Vila de Chitima and Cidade de Tete,” Roque confirmed.

Our source added that wild animals were killed in Mágoè National Park, which covers the Cahora-Bassa, Mágoè and Changara districts in Tete province.

The individuals detained claimed that the trophies were acquired from poachers in Cahora-Bassa and Mágoè, and were destined to be sold in the provincial capital of Tete province.

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