Police arrest two men in possession of ivory for trade in central Angola

Jun 17, 2020 | News

By Xinhua

LUBANGO, ANGOLA: Two men have been arrested on Tuesday by the National Police of Angola while they were heading towards the central Huila province with 28 kg of ivory. 

According to the spokesperson of the provincial command of the National Police in Huila, chief inspector Luis Filipe Zilungo, the arrest occurred during a micro-operation and that the suspects were caught by surprise by the law enforcement authorities in the middle of the street. 

Early this week the National Police also seized a total of 131 diamond stones in the municipalities of Chitato, Capenda Camulemba and Cuango, in the eastern Lunda Norte province. 

The seizure occurred during a joint operation of the Border Guard Police and the Criminal Investigation Service held in the diamond mining areas along the borders, which culminated in the arrest of 30 illegal immigrants, who were immediately repatriated. 

Official figures indicate that the Border Guard Police thwart more than 50 attempted border violations on a daily basis. 


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