Press Release: 137 NGOs, one demand: ban trophy hunting

Jul 20, 2022 | Press Releases

Fondation Franz Weber, Born Free et al

With a coalition of 137 non-governmental organizations, FFW is calling for a ban on the cruel practice of trophy hunting.

In the face of the unprecedented man-made global biodiversity crisis, in which species survival is threatened by multiple factors including habitat loss and degradation, overexploitation, climate change, and pollution, trophy hunting puts an additional pressure on already threatened species. While the solutions to most threats are complex, in the case of trophy hunting, banning imports can be a straightforward mechanism to help reduce risks of unnecessary overexploitation. That can lead to detrimental consequences for the genetic itegrity and survival of species and the ecosystems of which they are a part, without delivering meaningful economic benefits for local communities. The trophy hunting industry entrenches unjust social structures and is plagued with weak governance, corruption, lack of transparency, excessive quotas, illegal hunting, poor monitoring and other problems. In addition, trophy hunting practices are often poorly regulated, inhumane and inconsiderate of animal welfare. Furthermore, killing animals for fun is neither ethically justifiable nor tolerable in modern society. This is reflected in the broad public opposition to trophy hunting. Alternative ways of generating income from wildlife, such as ecotourism and other forms of nonconsumptive uses, have proven successful in benefiting local communities economically and increasing their appreciation for biodiversity and wildlife, while contributing to the long-term protection of populations and species. Such alternatives are jeopardised by the trophy hunting industry, when they should be prioritised through further development and funding.

It is time for governments to live up to their responsibility and take every measure possible to prevent further loss of wildlife from the man-made global biodiversity crisis. Banning imports of hunting trophies is an overdue step towards giving endangered wildlife a future.

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