Say NO to the capture and export of baby elephants from Zimbabwe to China

May 2, 2019 | Petitions

The Zimbabwe Parks and Wildlife Management Authority has once again ripped baby elephants from their mothers in the wild for export to foreign zoos. Now, it wants to export 35 baby elephants to China.

Since 2012, Zimbabwe has captured and exported 108 young elephants to foreign zoos despite opposition from other African countries, elephant experts and non-governmental organizations. 

Now is your chance to urge the Zimbabwean government to stop the horrific and cruel export of live elephants to foreign zoos. Let’s stand together and tell Zimbabwe to keep African elephants in the wild, on African soil and not subject them to lifelong captivity for entertainment in facilities in China or elsewhere.

Urge the Zimbabwe government to deny the export of these baby elephants and not allow future permits for live elephant trade.

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