Sixteen arrested for poaching (Namibia)

Mar 28, 2020 | News

By Katarina Uupindi, New Era Live

The Namibia Police Force arrested and charged 16 suspects on charges of rhino or elephant poaching and conspiracy of elephant poaching last week. 

Police also confiscated five firearms, rounds of ammunitions and a motor vehicle. 
Among other items which were recovered during the anti-poaching operation are; varied wild life products such as  four elephant tusks, a pangolin skin, two duiker carcasses, one waterbuck carcass and one warthog carcass.

According to the police crime statistics report, at Kongola seven suspects were charged for illegal hunting of the protected game and another four offenders appeared before court for illegal possession of firearms without licences as well as illegal supply of arms and ammunitions.

At Dordabis four suspects were also apprehended for illegal hunting of the protected game. While at Nkurenkuru, four accused person appeared in court for illegal position of firearms. 

In a related charge at Okahao, one person was arrested for contravening Section 4(1) (a) and (b) of Controlled Wildlife Products and Trade Act 9 of 2008.

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