16 arrested for wildlife crimes (Namibia)

Oct 23, 2019 | News

By Ellanie Smit, The Namibian Sun

Sixteen suspects were arrested in connection with wildlife crimes in the past week. Eight of the suspects are Namibians and the rest Zambians.

Statistics provided by the Protected Resource Division of the Namibian police and the Intelligence and Investigation Unit of the environment ministry indicate that a total of 21 wildlife products were seized last week.

These included four elephant tusks, four warthogs, a giraffe, buffalo meat, a civet and a clawless otter. Police also seized seven pieces of kudu skin and two kudu horns, as well as a firearm and a vehicle.

According to the information, Mulongwe Helgar and Siseho Timothy Lutanga, both Namibians, were arrested on 13 October at Ngoma for the possession of buffalo meat. They were charged with contravening the Controlled Wildlife Products and Trade Act.

Two other Namibians were arrested that same day at Ngoma for contravening the Arms and Ammunition Act. Christopher Mwananyambe was charged with the unlawful possession of an unlicensed firearm and a hunting rifle was seized from him, while Mike Mwananyambe was charged with supplying an unlicensed firearm.

Meanwhile at Kamanjab, Ukukanavi Tjambiri was arrested on 13 October for illegally hunting a giraffe. According to the police these cases were not reported the previous week.

On Monday another Namibian, Petrus Thikusho, was arrested at Divundu in possession of two kudu horns, seven kudu hides and a civet.

Seven Zambians were arrested at Katima Mulilo on Wednesday for illegally hunting four warthogs. Another Zambian was arrested at Katima Mulilo on Thursday for illegally hunting a clawless otter, which is a protected species in Namibia.

At Rundu two Namibians were arrested on Friday for being in possession of four elephant tusks. One vehicle was seized.

Meanwhile in the crime report of this weekend, it is alleged that a man was driving to his farm in in the Kunene Region when he was attacked by an elephant on Saturday.

According to the police the man, who is a teacher, was driving to Farm Makaria in a silver GMW bakkie when he was attacked by an elephant, which damaged the vehicle badly.

There was one passenger in the bakkie, but both of them escaped unhurt.