Eighteenth meeting of the Conference of the Parties Geneva (Switzerland), 17 – 28 August 2019: ADOPTION OF THE WORKING PROGRAMME

Jul 29, 2019 | Documents

This document has been prepared by the Secretariat.

  1. At its 70th meeting (SC70, Sochi, October 2018), the Standing Committee approved a draft working
    programme for the present meeting. The Secretariat has supplemented this draft, with the additional
    documents submitted by Parties and the Secretariat since SC70 and a revised version is found in the
    annexes to the present document.
  2. The present document contains three Annexes:
    a) Annex 1:Provisional working programme for the plenary meeting;
    b) Annex 2:Provisional working programme for Committee I; and
    c) Annex 3:Provisional working programme for Committee II.
  3. In Annex 1, the second column of the table includes, for each agenda item, an indication of the forum in
    which it is proposed that the item be discussed before it is presented for a decision in a plenary session. The
    abbreviation ‘Plen.’ indicates that the item will be discussed only in the plenary meeting. The abbreviations
    ‘Com. I’ and ‘Com. II’ indicate that the item will be discussed in Committee I or Committee II, before being
    presented for a final decision in the plenary meeting.
  4. The Conference of the Parties is invited to adopt the working programme found in the annexes to the present

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