Kenyans set to march for wildlife amid threats to iconic species

Apr 11, 2019 | News


More than 4,000 Kenyans including government officials, business leaders and conservationists will on Saturday participate in the global march for elephants, rhinos, lions and other endangered species in the capital city of Nairobi. 

Kenya Wildlife Service (KWS) said on Wednesday the annual event that will also take place in more than 130 countries will help raise awareness on illegal trade in wildlife products that have pushed critical species to the brink of extinction. 

“The theme for the 2019 march is ‘No Market No Trade’ advocating for the closure of both domestic and international markets, and the ban on all trade whether legal or illegal in lion bones, pangolin scales, elephant ivory, rhino horn and trophy imports,” said KWS. 

“The march calls upon governments, civil society, grassroot communities and all stakeholders to be proactive and collaborate in order to ensure the survival of elephants, rhinos and other endangered species,” said KWS. 

Kenya held the inaugural global march for elephants and rhinos in 2014 and the event has helped shine spotlight on the plight of endangered species as listed in CITES.