Landscape of fear: crime, corruption and murder in greater Kruger

Mar 14, 2023 | Reports

By Julian Rademeyer – Enact

he national park’s most-pressing challenge is no longer preventing rhino poaching but eradicating internal corruption.

For more than a decade, Kruger National Park has faced a relentless onslaught of rhino poaching. But today its greatest threat is internal corruption, itself a symptom of a breakdown in trust, staff cohesion and professionalism within the park. Recent staff arrests following lengthy financial investigations and a renewed commitment to combat corruption are bearing fruit but will require political support, clear law enforcement strategies to address organized crime around the park and a long-term investment. The park is severely affected by corrosive corruption and violent organised crime, particularly in Mpumalanga, where staff living in surrounding communities are vulnerable to deeply entrenched criminal syndicates.

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