Mozambique: Elephant and rhinoceros in danger of extinction – report

May 10, 2019 | News

Dário Cossa, The Club of Mozambique

Elephant and rhinoceros are in danger of disappearing completely from conservation areas in Mozambique as a result of poaching.

So maintain statements made this Tuesday in Maputo, at the opening of a three-day workshop on wildlife resources in Mozambique.

Preliminary figures from the latest animal census indicate that there are only 9,200 elephant left in the country, the indiscriminate slaughter of elephant and rhinoceros continuing to grow in line with the demand for ivory.

In addition to the risk of eradicating rare species in conservation areas, poaching jeopardises Mozambique’s image and sovereignty.

Despite it being a serious crime, courts in Mozambique face great difficulty producing evidence related to poaching.

But not everything is going wrong in the country’s conservation areas. While rhinoceros and elephant are being poached relentlessly, other species are recovering.

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