Mozambique: SERNIC arrests pair allegedly trying to sell two elephant tusks

Mar 2, 2021 | News

By Club of Mozambique

Ricardo José and Sandramo António, aged 40 and 42 respectively, were caught by National Criminal Investigation Service [SERNIC] agents in a car with two elephant tusks on their way to meet an alleged buyer in the city of Chimoio.

Cousins Ricardo and Sandramo are both primary schools teachers – in Gondola and Manica districts respectively. The detained duo point out the owner of the tusks has not been caught.

Manica National Criminal Investigation Service spokesman Amedy Bulacho says that a file had already been opened to ensure criminal accountability.

The province of Manica has two major game farms, Mafuia Safar and Nove, both located in Macossa district. Poachers are reportedly active there, while police authorities say they are clamping down on illegal hunting.

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