Nigeria Signs MoU With Cameroon On Ecosystem Conservation

Apr 20, 2024 | News

By Zeniat Abubakar Abuja, Voice of Nigeria

The Nigerian government has signed  of Understanding, MoU, with Cameroon for the conservation and sustainable management of transboundary ecosystems.

This agreement will facilitate the development and implementation of joint programs and projects for the conservation and sustainable management of transboundary ecosystems.

NIgeria’s Minister of Environment Mr Balarabe Lawal during the signing in Abuja the nation’s capital, said the agreement will also foster the sharing of experiences, and best practices between the Federal Republic of Nigeria and the Republic of Cameroon.

The Minister noted that the framework will be instrumental in ensuring the effective conservation and sustainable management of Nigeria’s forests and wildlife resources, which are critical to the country’s ecosystem services, livelihoods, and sustainable development.

“With our common border spanning over 1,500 km, halting and reversing the unsavoury trend cannot be achieved by the political will and commitment in-country alone but more promising is the adoption of bilateral and multilateral approaches particularly when considering the continuum and migratory nature of these resources against the backdrop of the complexities of their transboundary management and conservation.”

“To that extent, the event of today is of great significance as it does not only underscore the commitment of the Renewed Hope Agenda of the present Government to collaborate with Cameroun to manage and conserve our shared natural resources but also demonstrates the importance of bilateral cooperation in tackling global challenges.” He said.

The Minister further stressed that the agreement is also a starting point as a lot still needs to be done.

“Nigeria will not fail in playing its part in ensuring successful implementation of this agreement. We must continue to engage in constructive dialogue, and remain steadfast in ensuring that our natural resources are sustainably managed and conserved for the benefit of present and future generations.” He said.

The Minister also stated that the agreement would provides a platform for the establishment of a joint transboundary management framework, which will facilitate cooperation and coordination between the two countries on matters relating to the conservation and sustainable use of natural resources.

According to the Minister, “1963, the two countries have had a long history of cooperation agreements bordering on general friendship, general social and technical cooperation, transboundary security as well as joint commission on transboundary conservation. So, this agreement can be said to be galvanised by this long history and an apt response to international commitments undertaken by the Parties.”

While commending the Republic of Cameroon and partners for their cooperation and commitment to the process, the Minister of Environment urge all stakeholders to continue to work together to ensure effective operationalization of this agreement.

Nigeria and Cameroon have a 1,975-kilometre border.

 This region with beautiful landscapes, forests and and mountains, is home to Africa’s most endangered ape, the Cross River gorilla, as well as the Nigeria-Cameroon chimpanzee, drill monkey, forest elephants, leopards, crocodile, and hundreds of butterfly and bird species found nowhere else in the world.

The Cooperation Framework Agreement signed in the Nigerian capital, Abuja, by representatives from both countries, will addresses the urgent challenges of habitat loss, widespread illegal hunting, and wildlife trafficking.

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