Poachers arrested in northwestern Congo

May 10, 2020 | News

By Vox Congo

Since the start of containment, the Espace Tridom Congo (ETIC) anti-poaching patrol team has continued its surveillance mission in northern Congo. To this end, three people were arrested in the northwest of the country in the area between the borders of Cameroon and Gabon. 

The 3 alleged poachers, all 3 of Congolese origin, were apprehended on April 25, 2020, in the act of possession of ivory tips making a total of 2 kg, an elephant tail and a 12 gauge which seems to have was used for the slaughter of the pachyderm. The 3 protagonists were arrested following an investigation opened by the anti-poaching patrol team of the Espace Tridom Congo Project (ETIC).

Despite this very special period of pandemic and containment, criminal networks are still active and preparing to increase their operations taking advantage of the reduced patrols in protected areas.

It is important to salute the benevolence of the measures on the minimum service decided by the Minister of the forest economy in order to continue the actions on the ground during the confinement period.

This arrest once again demonstrates the effectiveness and determination of the investigative patrols carried out by the ETIC anti-poaching patrol team in the fight against poaching which has increased in recent years in the basin of the Congo and in particular in the Congo.

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