PRM seizes two ivory tusks in Manica (Mozambique)

May 17, 2020 | News

By Noticias

Two ivory tusks were seized by police authorities in Manica province. In connection with the case, 4 citizens are already in police custody.

These young people who are held in the cells of the 1st police station in Chimoio, were surprised by the police with 2 ivory tusks. It is assumed that they were taken from elephants in the district of Zumbo, Tete Province, and were destined for the city of Chimoio where they would be sold.

This other detainee said he was not the owner but an intermediary in the possible sale, and says he agreed to enter the business because by the time the proposal arrived, he was experiencing financial difficulties.

The police say they are real traffickers of prohibited species and speak of the operation that culminated in their arrest.

The citizens found with the ivory tusks, 2 are from the same family and this is the second case of sale and trafficking of prohibited species to register during this year.
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