Zambia: Businessman gets 5 years for unlawful possession of dried elephant meat

Nov 24, 2021 | News

By Mwebantu

The Livingstone Subordinate Court has sentenced a Lusaka businessman of Garden-Chilulu compound to five years imprisonment with hard labour for unlawful possession of 196 kilograms of dried elephant meat.

Ministry of Tourism Sakabilo Kalembwe has told #Mwebantu in a statement, that the businessman has also been sentenced to one year-six months imprisonment to run concurrently for escaping lawful custody in 2019 after being arrested for unlawful possession of 241 kgs of elephant ivory.

Mr Kalembwe said Chrispin Chilufya aged 40, was arrested at Siankaba in Livingstone, and the elephant is suspected to have been poached in neighbouring Zimbabwe.

“The offence is contrary to section 130 (1) of the Zambia Wildlife Act No. 14 of 2015 which prohibits unlawful possession of trophies of protected animals,” he said.

Mr Kalembwe noted that Chilufya was arrested by officers from the Department of National Parks and Wildlife on 19th October, 2021 after a tip from members of the public.

He added that during the operation officers confiscated 84 bundles of elephant meat weighing 196 kgs, concealed in three carton boxes, four sacks and two laptop bags.

“The illegal bushmeat trade is considered the greatest threat to populations of wildlife in Zambia as poachers use non-selective methods of killing wildlife such as wire snares,” he explained.

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